Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Decorating Snowflake Cookies and The Land of the Misfit Cookies

I used to love to decorate sugar cookies when I was a kid. Now I've come to think of them as tedious and taking too much time for something you are going to eat anyways. Well, this fall I ordered some new cookie cutters (I'm not sure why, I must have been feeling really ambitious at the time) and I reluctantly decided that I should use them since I spent good money on them. So I made some cookies for Thanksgiving, which I blogged about here. I used The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies from allrecipes.com. At the same time I cut out the leaf and pumpkin cookies, I cut out snowflake cookies too and popped them in the freezer. Well, our freezer is jam-packed right now and the bag got kicked around a lot and the result was this:Broken Cookies
Waaaaaah! (Well, I didn't really cry, I wasn't too invested in the project anyways.) Did you know that you can "glue" broken cookies back together? That's what I decided to try doing and it worked! I made up some Sugar Cookie Icing and applied it to the broken edge, pressed the broken piece on, then placed it on a piece of waxed paper. I let it dry for a while, then iced the top, which also helped hold the pieces together. I'm sure the cookies aren't that sturdy, and the first person to bite into one will have it crumble in their hand. But they look great, and in sugar cookie world, looks are all that matter. Here's a photo of my misfit cookies "healing":Mending Broken Cookies
Despite my grumbling, I did end up having fun decorating the cookies. I kept my color palette simple, just blue and white, so that cut down on dirty dishes and utensils. The first step is to appy your base icing layer. I did half the cookies in blue and half in white. After you apply the base, you have to let them "dry" for at least a few hours, or even overnight.
Icing Snowflake Sugar CookiesThen it's time for the fun part. This is where I get to be creative. I used a simple powdered sugar and water icing and piped it through a baggie with the corner snipped off. I don't have exact proportions of powdered sugar and water, I just dump some sugar in a bowl and add water bit by bit until I have the "right" consistency. Here's what I came up with.

Decorated Snowflake Sugar Cookies

My husband walked by as I was decorating and said, "Those look really pretty, but not too pretty to eat. Heh, heh , heh." I guess that's a compliment?

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  1. I never get to the part of doing the beautiful intricate decorating of the snowflakes. Your cookies look good and excellent idea with the sugar cookie icing as glue!