Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trouble with My Appliances

1. My Evil Microwave

I really don't like my microwave. In fact, I think it may be evil. Or at least demented. The thing beeps at me relentlessly. If I don't take my tea mug out right away it beeps at me ("BEEP-BEEP"). If I don't turn off the timer after the cookies are done, it beeps at me ("BEEEEEEEP"). Shut uuuuuup! Jeez, I'll get to it when I get to it!

Plus, it's been making a horrible clanking noise lately. I think the mechanism inside that controls the turn-table is broken. I'm afraid to stand too close to it while it's running because it I'm afraid it's going to explode or something.

Plus, the plastic is cracking around the window.

Plus, well, just trust me. It's evil.

2. My Poor Food Processor

It broke. I'm so sad. The handle just shattered when I tried to put the lid on one day. Poor thing. I have a new bowl ordered.

3. My Kitchen Aid Mixer

Well, this one I don't actually have any trouble with. I loooooove my KA mixer. It's the scraping beater attachment I got for it that was the trouble. It was an off-brand and made of plastic and it finally busted. The good news it that KA now makes its own scraping beater attachment, which is made of metal, so I treated myself to one of those. I love my KA mixer. My parents got it for me when we got married almost 12 years ago and it's still going strong.


  1. I wish my KA mixer was that good! Mine started making a HORRIBLE grinding sound last month, but I kept using it...until the metal ring around the mixer part(technical term)fell off into a batch of buttercream, and metal shavings flew out, destroying my frosting!!! Arggh! AND it was one two months past my one year warranty! I have to take it to a electric motor person I guess. My mom bought hers quite a while ago and has never had a problem. I am in mourning right now:(...

  2. This was a great post! The Kitchen Aid mixers still look the same as they do today! I was clueless about Kitchen Aid's until about 2 or 3 years ago when I got mine. My electric hand mixer got a lot of use before I bought my Kitchen Aid(s) so one of the beaters comes off when I try to mix anything like a cookie batter. :( I still keep it around for mixing up icing though.