Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Made Ice Cream!

I've been getting a little behind on my blogging lately. Sometimes I reach a point where I have just had enough of the internet and being connected all the time. I have to take a break. I get tired of being up to date on all the top news on Facebook, making comments and sharing things about my life. I just sort of crawl into my dark little comfy hole for a while and don't say anything. For an introvert like me, it's just something I have to do. Now I'm back, at least for a little while.....

This weekend I made ice cream! I'm excited about it because it's the first time in a looooong time. When I was a kid, I remember getting together with my aunts, uncles and cousins, having a picnic and making homemade ice cream. This was way back when we all lived within 30 miles of each other. Now we are all spread out across the country and see each other very infrequently. I miss those get-togethers. I think the ice cream makers we had were the ones you had to crank manually. We would make vanilla and chocolate. There is just nothing like homemade ice cream.

I received an ice cream maker (here's a link to the one I got) for the holidays last year and decided to finally open the box up and see what it was all about. I though about making good ol' vanilla ice cream (it's my favorite), but I came across a recipe for Coconut Ice Cream that looked really easy and yummy. Plus, I love coconut. Plus, it used a can of cream of coconut I've had in my pantry forever and we all know how I love using up stuff in my pantry! It turned out to be very easy, once I got the hang of layering the ice and rock salt around the canister. When the ice cream was done, the churning just stopped. I put it in some Ziploc containers, leaving room for it to expand, and let it harden in my freezer. It was great served with my Grandma's Hot Fudge Sauce. So easy, I just might have to make some more ice cream again!

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