Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Recipe for Disaster

Oh dear me, look what I've done now. You see, this has just not been a good week for me. I was supposed to go to the zoo with my niece this weekend and I was looking so forward to it, but I got sick with a nasty cold and had to cancel. Work is really busy and stressful right now. And now I made a huge mess in the kitchen.

I was planning on writing a blog about this wonderful banana bread that I made, instead I'm writing about how to clean your oven. I put the pan of wonderful batter in the oven and went to watch the lastest DVR'd episode of "Castle" with my husband. After a while I started to smell something burning. I don't know how it happened, it had to do with halving the recipe and thinking it made only one loaf of bread. I thought the pan seemed awfully full...... Turns out it makes two loaves of bread, even after halving the recipe. I blame it on the congestion making me not think as well as I normally would. At least that's the story I'm going with.

When something like this happens, you should turn the oven off right away, so the gunk doesn't get baked on even more, and turn the exhaust fan on high. If it sounds like I'm speaking from experience, unfortunately I am. You can then dump out what overflowed or spilled, head to the store for more ingredients and start over. Or you can do like I did and say a couple of choice words and walk away in a huff. Either way, don't get too upset. Just chalk it up to another learning experience. In this case I learned to make sure I know how many loaves of bread a recipe makes.

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