Friday, February 10, 2012

Moo Moo Photobomb

I recently discovered what is called a "Photobomb." I'm thinking this is one of those things that everyone else knew about and I'm just finally catching on to (it's a feeling I've had my whole life, seriously). Anyways, it's where a photo is being taken and something or someone ruins the photo. There are some pretty hilarious ones out there and Huffington Post does a good job of compiling them. My favorite is this one: Crasher Seal Photobombs Group of Penguins.

I was going through some of my old photos and came across a couple of Moo Moo photobombs. Maggie (Moo Moo) is my pug and she is quite a character. She is always there to supervise my food photo shoots. She makes sure crumbs are cleaned up ASAP and that the food always smells good.

Here I was trying to take a picture of a salad. I was getting great light on the coffee table. Moo Moo jumped from the couch to the table and got very close to the salad. I took this photo before I shooed her away. As you can see, we are probably a little too lax on our "no dogs on the furniture policy," in that we have no such policy.

Here I was fiddling around with my old camera and Moo Moo jumped up in my lap. I snapped this photo and I thought it looked very "photobomb-ish." I e-mailed this to my husband one day at work, and it just cracked him up. I'm glad we could provide some humor to his work day.

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  1. Cute! Love the Moo Moo photo bombs! Thanks for sharing! Our cats do photo bombs a lot as well.