Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My "Nothing Sounds Good" Lunch

Annie's gluten-free macaroni and cheese with tuna and spinach

I feel a little silly posting about this "recipe," but maybe someone will find it helpful. I mostly follow a moderate-carb diet. I eat a lot of salads and protein, but I feel my best when I do eat some carbs, usually some quinoa, potatoes and rice/rice pasta. I really try to not eat much carbs for lunch, but sometimes nothing sounds good to me. Sometimes I'm sick. Sometimes I'm hungry, but can't stand the thought of another salad or a bowl a soup. So I turn to macaroni and cheese. Annie's makes a couple gluten-free boxes of mac 'n cheese that are very tolerable to me. Just rice pasta and cheese.

Of course, mac 'n cheese always sounds good to me (who doesn't it sound good to?). But the inner health nut in me says, "There's no nutrition in that!" So I acquiesce and add some protein in the form of a can of tuna. Maybe it's weird, but I think tuna goes well in mac 'n cheese. Kind of like tuna noodle casserole. But then the inner healthy nut in me asks, "Where's the vegetables? You need to eat your veggies!" So I acquiesce again and add some spinach. Baby spinach is pretty mild, so I usually don't even notice it's there, but it adds so many nutrients. What I'm left with is this concoction. It tastes good and it's somewhat healthy. Here's how I dress up a box of macaroni and cheese.

Gather your ingredients.

Prepare the macaroni according to package directions. While the macaroni is boiling, place the spinach in the bottom of a colander.

Drain the pasta over the spinach to wilt it.

Return the macaroni and spinach to the pan and stir in the milk, cheese packet and tuna. Stir and eat. Wasn't that easy?

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