Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Single-Serving Low-Fructose Lemonade

Low-Fructose Strawberry Lemonade (Single Serve)

I usually don't consume sweet drinks, but oh, this is so refreshing on a hot day like today! Plus, I thought this would be a recipe the fructmal kids would enjoy during the summer. The adults too...maybe with a little vodka.....mmmmmm? That's why I made this single-serving and not a whole pitcher - so I wouldn't be tempted!

Low-Fructose Strawberry Lemonade (Single Serve)

You can use bottled lemon juice, but fresh is so much better. Lemons are definitely on the list of fruits that are low-fructose. I added a muddled strawberry to mine to make it a little more interesting. If you are able to tolerate a few strawberries here and there like me, it's so worth trying. You could use blueberries or raspberries too.

Single-Serving Low-Fructose Lemonade
Low-Fructose Strawberry Lemonade (Single Serve)(with Optional Strawberry)

serves 1


3/4 cup cold water
3 tablespoons powdered dextrose
2 tablespoons lemon juice (preferably fresh)
1 strawberry, hulled and sliced in half (optional)


In a small glass measuring glass with a pour-spout, measure the water. Stir in the dextrose and lemon juice. In the bottom of a glass, muddle the strawberry (mash with a spoon). Add ice, then pour the lemonade over top. Serve!