About Me

Hi! My name is Dianne. Welcome to my blog. My passions are cooking and photography. I also love nutrition and reading. I studied civil engineering in college, where I met my husband, also a civil engineer. We graduated, got married, moved a few times and now we are here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I work part-time as a civil engineer and part-time as a food photographer. I spend my free time playing in the kitchen, reading and staying fit.

I've been interested in nutrition since high school. I was an overweight, unhappy teenager and set out to lose weight and make my life better. I did a lot of research and, along the way to losing fifty pounds, became enthralled with the topic of nutrition. Since then I've discovered how integral nutrition is to our health. Having health problems of my own, I know the importance of eating healthy. I am a survivor of a rare bone cancer called chondrosarcoma. After having five surgeries over a span of seven years, I have been cancer free since 2006. Despite having about a third to half of diseased pubic bone removed from my pelvis, I have excellent mobility. You wouldn't even know there was anything wrong just by looking at me!

As if cancer wasn't enough for me to deal with, I also have irritable bowel syndrome, especially having issues with fructose, wheat and eggs. Fun, fun! You can read more about this in "My Sensitive Belly" tab.

We have two black pugs named Stanley and Maggie. They are our babies and you will probably see lots of photos of them throughout my blog. We have decided not to have children, partly because of our health issues and partly because we don't have much of a desire to be parents. We do love spending time with our precious nieces and nephew! We stay busy with our jobs, hobbies and spending time together. Life is delicious right now and we are savoring it!

If you have any questions about food, recipes, photography, nutrition or food intolerances, just pop me an email. I'll be happy to respond!