Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Love Pancakes!

Yesterday, March 1, was "National Pancake Day." (Who declares these things anyways?) Pancakes are one of my all-time favorite foods. Not only do I love the taste, but they hold special memories for me. Growing up, every Saturday morning my dad made pancakes. After making them week after week, he has become an expert. He knows just how thick the batter should be and exactly when to flip them. He's tried different mixes and finally settled on Hungry Jack's Extra Light and Fluffy as being the best mix. They are delicious.

I remember when I was a freshman in college and I was feeling a little homesick. I woke up in my loft bed above my student desk on a Saturday morning and I swear I could smell my dad cooking pancakes. No, I don't think I had developed a super-power sense of smell that could detect scents 100 miles away, but I do think my longing for home kicked my imagination into overdrive.

Now I love to make pancakes, but because of the calories involved, I can't make them every week, as much as I would like to. I love to try different recipes from scratch, the most recent being Fluffy Pancakes from (pictured). It's an amazing recipe and I was suprised that they are so good with such basic ingredients. Basic ingredients is also what I love the most about the recipe. I always have the ingredients in my pantry and fridge, so I can make them whenever I have a craving. I also enjoy making whole-grain pancakes and adding cinnamon. The maple syrup and cinnamon combination is amazing.

There is a Bisquick commercial playing right now where a lady sings about blueberry pancakes and I've had the song stuck in my head the past few days (which is annoying, because it's not a good song at all). Every once in a while I just blurt out a line from the song. My husband keeps asking when I'm going to make these blueberry pancakes I keep singing about. Oh I don't know.... I just like torturing him singing the song.... moo ha ha.....

"There's just one thing I love any time of day-haay.......blueberry good....."


  1. I don't eat pancakes often, but one of my favorites is pumpkin pancakes with whipped cream and milk chocolate chips. Not so healthy, I know, but delicious! Your pancake photos looks fantastic!

  2. Hey Dianne! I posted a link to your blog on my new post (because I made your donut muffins from AR). Delectable pancake pic (as always) ☺