Saturday, April 16, 2011

Taking a Break

I knew when I made a recipe a couple of weeks ago from allrecipes and had absolutely no desire to take a photo or write a review that I was ready for a break from the "photo foodie" world. I'm not sure if I'm burnt out or tired, but most likley both. I've been working a lot more hours at work. I'm also under a lot of stress since I have my yearly check-up at the Mayo Clinic looming over my head for the next few weeks. I become a little unraveled after I make my appointment and life kind of comes to halt for us until my check-up is over. So something has to give right now.

Sometimes it is good to put the camera down for a while and just enjoy life instead of trying to capture it. I think I enjoyed the dish even more since I wasn't stressed about trying to get the perfect photo or thinking of how I would rate and review it. I just enjoyed a relaxing, delicious dinner with my husband.

This morning, as my husband and I were finishing a leisurely Saturday breakfast, we noticed a couple of mallard ducks in the water that has pooled from the melted snow in the wetland behind our house. We watched as they darted quickly through the water and came up on shore and waddled up really close to our house. I ran to get the camera, but then my husband reminded me of an article in the paper a couple of days ago. It was written by Norris Burkes, who is a chaplain. We aren't religious, but we read his articles because he sometimes has keen observations on life in general. In this article he spoke of being out on a run with his dog and spying a hawk in a tree. So anxious to capture the hawk with his camera phone, he completely missed the beautiful sight of the hawk taking flight. He ends his piece by saying, "When we decide to lay aside the controlling aspirations of the photographer, we become part of the photo and the good memories become everlasting ones."

I would have a photo of those mallards to share with you, only I decided to just enjoy them instead of capturing them. I will surely be back at taking photos soon since I do love it so, but for now, I'm living life through my eyes, not a camera lens.

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  1. Hey Dianne, I remember in previous years you mentioning your visits to the Mayo Clinic and I wish you well during your check-up this year. I am in sort of a lull myself, not really motivated to photograph my food lately...or blog...seems like a lot of work for some reason. I know both of us have been doing this for a few years and sometimes I go through these phases too. (((hugs))