Sunday, June 19, 2011

Same Blog, New Title

Six months ago when I started my blog, I had no idea what to call it. I decided on "Photo Foodie Girl" because I love photography, I love food and I'm a girl. But it never quite felt just right. Even though I enjoy it, I'm still a little insecure about my photogrpahy (mostly because of a lack of a "fancy" camera and equipment) so I didn't really want the emphasis to be on my photography. Plus, I kept remembering a guest lecture we had in our college dorm about female equalitiy and empowerment. The lecturer said that we shouldn't let ourselves be called "girls," we are grown women. I guess that's always stuck with me. I am a grown woman, not a girl. I am 36 years old, strong, smart and independent. Roar!

Here's how I came up with my new name. A couple of weeks ago, I was realizing how mundane and serious my life was feeling. Sometimes I tend to take things too seriously and don't have any fun. Then I came across a YouTube show called "My Drunk Kitchen." I laughed my ass off. I realized how good it felt. This chick is not taking cooking seriously, why should I? She was having a blast and cracking me up. It reminded me of a scene from my family Christmas a couple of years ago. I was in the kitchen with my dad cooking some soup on Christmas Eve. I had a cosmopolitan in one hand, and I was stirring the soup with the other hand. I admitted that sometimes I pretend in my head that I am the star of a cooking show when I'm cooking. The others piped in from the dining room that I should call my show "Cooking and Cocktails with Dianne." In my show I would drink my cosmos, cook, and act all cute like Julia Child and misplace things like an entire chicken.

So there it is, the perfect name for my blog, six months after starting it! I figure it is a good reminder to not take it all so seriously. To just have a drink, cook, and have fun. Thank you all for joining me in on my fun!

PS  I would also like to introduce you to my new dishes. I got an amazing deal on them at Kohl's. They are Pfaltzgraff Taos. Pfaltzgraff is my favorite brand of dishes and they go so well with my decor. I have a lot of deep reds, black and beige in my house. Some women buy shoes. I buy plates.

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