Thursday, November 21, 2013

Low-FODMAP Turkey Gravy

Low-FODMAP Turkey Gravy  |  Delicious as it Looks

I know I promised another mashed potato recipe, but I've fallen behind and I'm still working on it. However, since Thanksgiving is coming up (only one week away!) I thought I'd share a gravy recipe that I low-FODMAP-ified. I think I just made up a new word there....It is made with my chicken broth recipe and gluten-free flour blend.

Low-FODMAP Turkey Gravy  |  Delicious as it Looks

This recipe is adapted from (originally Better Homes and Gardens) and I have to admit it is the first gravy recipe I've made that I didn't mess up. Usually I'm so crazy-busy making a whole turkey dinner, I end up with lumpy gravy. The trick is to calm down, slow down and take a deep breath. Everything else can wait while you make the gravy. Whisk constantly while you slowly add the broth. Don't just dump the broth in - who would do that? Oh right, me....Slowly add it and take your time. I find it helps to sip some wine while whisking. Come to think of it, that's probably the key.

Low-FODMAP Turkey Gravy
Low-FODMAP, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free
adapted from


Roast turkey drippings
up to 2 cups Low-FODMAP Chicken Broth, Turkey Giblet Stock, or water
1/4 cup White Rice Flour Blend
salt & pepper to taste


  1. After turkey has been roasted, pour the drippings from the roasting pan through a fine-mesh strainer into a 2-cup glass measuring cup. Let the drippings separate and then skim the fat off. Place 1/4 cup of the fat in a large skillet. Discard the remaining fat.
  2. See how much turkey drippings are left in the glass measuring cup and add the chicken broth (or turkey stock or water) to make 2 cups.
  3. To the skillet with the 1/4 cup drippings fat, stir in the White Rice Flour Blend.
  4. Place over medium heat and slowly pour in the drippings/broth mixture while constantly whisking. Stir over medium heat until thick and bubbly. Add salt and pepper to taste. The end.