Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chia Egg Replacer

Chia Egg Replacer  /  Delicious as it Looks

I've been using this egg replacer in my baking lately and it's been working well. I thought I'd write a quick post so I can refer back to it in my future recipes. It's very easy. I grind up some chia seeds in my coffee grinder and mix it with water. Let it sit and it turns into a gel, much like the consistency of an egg. Sometimes I add a little extra baking powder to my recipe to get the leavening power of eggs as well as the cohesiveness.

I only grind a small amount of the chia seeds at a time since they can go rancid more quickly. I grind up how much I think I will need in a weeks time and then keep it in the fridge. I mix up each "egg" right before making my recipe. I've found that it works very well and also adds some fiber and omega-3s to my food! The one caveat is that is only works in recipes calling for only one or two eggs. Any more than that, and you won't get the desired results.

White chia seeds are also available and are perfect for your lighter-colored recipes.

Chia Egg Replacer
Low-FODMAP, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Egg-Free
makes the equivalent of one large egg


1 tablespoon finely ground chia seeds
3 tablespoons warm water


In a small bowl, whisk together the ground chia seed and water. Let sit until mixture gels up, about 5 minutes. Add to your recipe as you would an egg.


  1. I've tried just a couple recipes (where egg was a binder) using ground flax seed instead of chia seeds. Same idea, though. Have you tried those and found chia seeds to be better? Thanks for sharing it only works to replace 1-2 eggs....I'd been wondering about that and have been slow to try it in many recipes because I don't want an inedible mess that I have to throw out!

    1. I have tried using flax seed and I do like the chia seed better. It seems to gel up better and faster!